Fornellahof | La Majun
Fornellahof | La Majun

Where the authentic feels like home

Live at one with nature in a real Alpine farm in South Tyrol

Here in the mountains, time flows at a slower pace. Every moment is lived at a deeper level of consciousness and with a lighter heart. Here, it is nature that marks the passage of time and provides us with everything we need: water and warmth, healthy home-produced food and plenty of space to relax and play.

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Fornellahof | La Majun - Tier-Reich

Our farm animals

Our animals are all around us. The cats enjoy a nap in the sun, while the chickens scratch about in the sand. The guinea piglets squeal excitedly as lunchtime approaches. The hares hop around, chewing fresh clover, while the quails pluck their plumage. In summer, the only animals you won’t see are our cows, who spend the warm season up in the mountains, grazing the fresh grass of our Alpine pastures.

Don’t sleep… hit the hay!

Are you brave enough to jump? We have piled up the hay to give you a soft “landing” zone… and a proper tickle in your nose. Hay-jumping is lots of fun for everyone – give it a try!
Fornellahof | La Majun - Hüpf ins Heu
Fornellahof | La Majun - Sprudelfrisch aus der Erde

Fresh, pure, possibly sparkling

Water is life. Pure and wonderfully refreshing, our farm’s water gushes from our very own spring, and it is naturally filtered and enriched with minerals by century-old rocks. In your holiday apartment, you will find a carboniser for an extra sparkling touch.

Heat, hay and herbs for your wellness

The best way to crown an exciting day out? Our Finnish sauna, also available with herbal essences on request. The scented warmth envelops the body and relaxes the mind. As a pleasurable drowsiness spreads throughout your body, you can enjoy a sense of well-being and security as you relax on a bed of dried hay blossoms. This is the life!
Fornellahof | La Majun - Wellness mit Dampf, Heu und Kräuter
Fornellahof | La Majun - Guten Morgen, schöner Tag!

Good morning to you!

The early morning sun peeks out from behind the mountains. Whatever this new day has in store for you, we’ll give you the best start with freshly brewed coffee and a delicious breakfast basket filled with our homemade products.

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Fornellahof | La Majun - Platz für Abenteuer

Space for adventure

Walking in the woods, crafting funny shapes out of fir cones, playing in the sandpit on the farm, zooming down a slide and then swinging up to the sky… children love our farm. Here, they can play freely and be just what they need to be: carefree children – the best feeling in the world!

Farming 101

Milking the cows, feeding the animals, harvesting the hay... curious about our daily life and work? Then ask farmer Helmut: he will be happy to give you a tour of the stable and field. Pitchforks at the ready: the lessons are offered on demand!
Fornellahof | La Majun - Stall-Geflüster
Fornellahof | La Majun - Gartenblüten und Kräuterzauber

Wonderful blossoms and magical herbs

The scent of mint and basil fills the air. The herb garden, our little natural pharmacy and spice cabinet, is covered in colourful blooms. Salad and vegetables grow next to aromatic herbs. Just ask, and perhaps you will find something fresh and crunchy in your dish.

The Alpine charm of our mountain hut

“Munt de Fornella”, our Alpine pasture and hut, is situated right at the foot of the imposing Mt. Sass de Putia. You can get there with a pleasurable 30-minute walk on a pram-friendly path. Stop by at the hut and treat yourself to a tasty snack of home-baked bread and Ladin specialities, while you watch our Scottish Highland cattle grazing placidly. A simply wonderful experience!
Fornellahof | La Majun - Hüttenzauber auf unserer Alm