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Fornellahof | La Majun

Echoes from the past

Sights and experiences in San Martino in Badia

The Val Badia valley offers a wealth of sightseeing and outdoor opportunities. Explore thousands of years of Ladin culture in the local museums and use your HolidayPass card to reach your destinations free of charge.

Not a run-of-the-mill holiday

The mill valley in Lungiarü/Longiarù

The Seresbach stream rushes down to the valley, turning the mill wheels so that the millstone can grind grain to make bread. In the Val di Morins valley, in Longiarù, there is an educational trail (1.5 km) leading past eight mills, the first of which is open for visits. On the way there, you will encounter the uniquely quaint hamlets of Seres and Mischí, two of the traditional Ladin "Viles" villages. The starting point of this trail is on the Seres bridge in the village of Longiarù.

Focus on the Ladin culture

The Ladin Ćiastel de Tor Museum in San Martino

Archaeological finds and local handicrafts, the legends of the Dolomites and the origins of the local environment: set within the atmospheric medieval walls of castle Thurn (Ćiastel de Tor), the Ladin Museum in San Martino offers deep insights into the history and culture of the Ladin valleys. It hosts special exhibitions as well, and its inner courtyard makes a wonderful setting for concerts. The admission ticket also gives access to the other Ladin Museum in St. Cassiano.

Meet the Ladin cave bear

The Ladin Ursus ladinicus Museum in San Cassiano

The remains of cave bears that lived here over 50,000 years ago were found in the Conturines cave in the Gadertal Dolomites, at an altitude of 2,800 m. Visit this museum and see a detailed replica of Ursus ladinicus, the Ladin cave bear, as well as beautiful fossils from the Dolomites.

One mountain, two museums

Mt. Plan de Corones hosts the MMM Corones and Lumen Museum

The spectacular building you can see on top of Mt. Plan de Corones was designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid. It houses the Corones Messner Mountain Museum, which offers breath-taking views across the mountains, along with inspiring insights into the triumphs and tragedies of modern mountaineering. The new LUMEN – Museum of Mountain Photography is a short walk away from the Corones museum. Over four floors, it illustrates the history of mountain photography, and features artwork by mountain photographers from all over the world.

„Bun prò“

Sampling the Ladin cuisine

In days of old, the range of cooking ingredients to be found in this remote valley was very limited. The pantry contained little more than flour, some dairy products and barley. This meant that the Ladins needed to be creative to turn their limited supplies into delicious meals. They came up with dishes such as Cajencí arstîs, fried spinach ravioli, and Tutres, fried dumplings stuffed with spinach, sauerkraut or poppy seeds. Leave some space for dessert, and you can sample the Furtaies or the Cütles da pom. If you are interested in the local cuisine, you may want to add a visit to the local restaurants to your to-do list.