Fornellahof | La Majun
Fornellahof | La Majun

Relaxation, pure and simple

Wellness holidays at Fornellahof – recharge and be at one with nature

Make time: time to unplug, to enjoy, to share. Allow yourself to feel tired, and to recharge your energy levels. Take advantage of our Finnish sauna, whirlpool and hay bed: water and heat, air and earth will regenerate your body and soothe your mind.

Fornellahof | La Majun - Schwitzen im Kräuterduft

Herb-scented heat

A wholesome sauna session, paired with an energising infusion and the scent of herbal essential oils will leave you feeling relaxed, rebalanced, reborn. Pour yourself a cup of tea from the selection available at the tea bar, then wrap yourself in a fluffy bathrobe and head to the relaxation room for some rest, or to the balcony to cool off as you take in the beautiful view.

Fornellahof | La Majun - Wellness am Bauernhof

A better way of hitting the hay

Spicy and fresh, bitter-sweet like an Alpine meadow in bloom: the scent of hay helps to heal the body and inspire a sense of security and contentment. Our ancestors were familiar with the beneficial properties of hay: it stimulates metabolism, detoxifies body tissues and promotes blood circulation. Nature is the source of all things good.

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Regenerate in the tranquillity of nature.
Enjoy the view of the Dolomites,
the scent of fresh herbs
and the wholesome embrace of hay.